Provisional Programme

22nd June 2020                                                              
09:10-10:30Session 1. Multi-Disciplinary Diabetic Foot Care
09.00-09.05Welcome and Introduction
09.05-09.25National MDFT Transformation Programme
09.25-09.30Setting Up A Local MDFT
09.30-09.35Podiatrist In MDFT
09.35-09.40Physician In MDFT
09.40-09.45Vascular Surgeon In MDFT
09.45-09.50Orthopaedic Surgeon In MDFT
09.50-09.55Plastic Surgeon In MDFT
09.55-10.00Orthotist In MDFT
10.00-10.15A Masterclass in Radiology
10.15-10.30Panel Discussion
11:00-12:30Session 2. Infection And Ischaemia
11.00-11.10Microbiology Of The Infected Diabetic Foot
11.10-11.20 Role of Bone Biopsies In The Diagnosis Of Diabetic Foot Infections
11.20-11.30Ulcer Debridement- A Perfect Crime!
11.30-11.40The Diabetic Foot Attack- The Surgical Principles
11.50-12.00Ischemic Charcot Foot- Physician’s View
12.00-12.10 Ischemic Charcot Foot- Orthopaedic Surgeon’s View
12.10-12.20 Ischemic Charcot Foot- Vascular Clinician’s View
12.20-12.30Panel Discussion
12.30-13.15Bone Infection Industry Satellite Symposium-
13.15-14.30Lunch, Industry Workshops
14:30-16:00Session 3. Non-Reconstructive Management Of Diabetic Foot
14.30-14.40Diagnosis And Early Management Of Charcot Foot
14.40-14.50Outpatient Tendon Balancing Techniques
14.50-15.00New Technologies In Monitoring Of Diabetic Foot
15.00-15.10Panel Discussion
15.10-15.20Local And Random Flaps In Ulcerated Diabetic Foot
15.20-15.30Practical Skin Grafting Techniques In The Diabetic Foot
15.30-15.40Advanced And Microvascular Techniques
15.40-15.50Negative Pressure Wound Therapy As An Alternative
15.50-16.00Panel Discussion
14:30-16:00Session 4. Parallel Podiatric Workshop
16:30-18:00Session 5. Emerging Concepts In Wound Healing
18.00-20.00Welcome drinks and faculty conference dinner
23rd June 2020
08:00-09:30Session 5. Free Presentations.
10:00-11.30 Session 7: Advanced Techniques in Midfoot Charcot Reconstruction
11.30-12.00Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 2
12:00-13:00Lunch and Industries
10.00-11.30 Session 8: Parallel Medical Session- Evidence And Guidelines in Diabetic Foot Care
11.30-12.00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 3
10.00-11.30 Session 9: Podiatry Workshop: Minor Procedures Avoiding Day Surgery
11.30-12.00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 3
13:00-14:30 Session 10: Advanced Techniques In Charcot Hindfoot Reconstruction
14.30-15.00Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 4
15.00-15.30Tea and Industries
13:00-14.30 Session 11: Medical Session- Physician Driven Interventions in a Miltidisciplinary Care
14.30-15.00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 5
13.00-14.30 Session 12: Podiatric Session: Distal And Proximal Vascular Workshop
14.30-15.00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 5
15.30-15.45BOFAS Talk: Leadership In Diabetic Foot Surgery
15.45-17.00 Session 13. The Price Of Getting It Wrong
16.50-17.00Prizes. Closure

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