King’s DFC

King’s College Hospital Diabetes Foot Clinic is one of the first and largest diabetes foot clinics worldwide. 

The King’s College Hospital Diabetic Foot Clinic offers an outpatient and inpatient service for acute diabetic foot pathologies. Consultant Diabetologist Professor Michael Edmonds established the clinic in May 1981 upon identifying diabetes related foot complications present in people who have multiple comorbidities, making this group especially fragile and vulnerable. In response, the service was developed to enable rapid access and delivery of coordinated multidisciplinary care in an effort to minimise adverse lower limb outcomes. This pioneering service has since been considered a centre of excellence in diabetic foot care and is recognised for having one of the lowest incidences of major lower limb amputation nationally.

The three primary aims of the Diabetic Foot Clinic are:

  1. To develop and practise the best possible care of people with diabetes associated foot complications.
  2. To research into the causes of and devise new treatments for diabetes associated foot complications.
  3. To teach health care professionals and the public about the best care of the diabetic foot.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of podiatrists, diabetes physicians, podiatrists, nurses, health care assistants, vascular surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthotists and dermatologists. The service is also able to provide on call access to microbiology, radiology, vascular scientists and allied health. The Diabetic Foot Clinic is continuously evolving in response the increasing number of presentations and has adopted the role of an operations day center for people with diabetic foot disease where they can access and receive advanced one-stop assessment, investigation and medical and surgical management of the presenting complaint.

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