21st June 2023

King’s Charcot Midfoot Reconstruction Cadaver Workshop

Learn the modern principles of complex Charcot midfoot reconstruction techniques from top experts.

Gordon Museum,
Hodgkin Building,
Kings College London,
Guys Campus,

Registration Fee: £200
Booking Link: bit.ly/KingsDFC

Provisional Programme

0845-0855 Introduction
0855-0905 Surgical Approaches for Charcot Midfoot Reconstruction
0905-0915 Midfoot Charcot Deformity Patterns
0915-0925 Intramedullary Beaming techniques
0925-0935 Discussion
0935-0945 Injectable Antibiotic Loaded Bone Graft Substitute
0945-0955 CERAMENT® V & G Mixing Technique
0955-1005 Wetlab Plan

1005-1020 Coffee Break

1020-1220 Cadaver Lab: Medial and Lateral Column Midfoot Reconstruction

1220-1300 Lunch

1300-1310 Extramedullary Beam Insertion – When and How?
1310-1320 Plantar Heel Ulcer Debridement Techniquee
1320-1330 Local Rotation Flap
1330-1340 Discussion
1340-1350 Wetlab Plan

1350-1530 Cadaver Lab: Extramedullary Medial and Lateral Column Midfoot Fixation, Silo Technique Calcaneum, Forefoot Ulcer Debridement and Local Rotation Flap

1530-1555 Coffee Break

1555-1625 Case Examples
1625-1630 Close

To Book A Place, visit bit.ly/KingsDFC

Venu Kavarthapu, Mike Edmonds

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